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SEG Fabric Light Box


Modern brands continue to seek creative, cost-effective ways to reach their target audiences and utilize space effectively; SEG Fabric Framing Systems provide both.  They are perfect for retail business owners that want to revitalize their sales floor. Featuring a silicone edge fabric graphic, they create large impact signage with wall-mounted, ceiling hanging and freestanding options available.


Since the fabric graphic is removable, SEG framing systems are often updated when new items need to be displayed. The combination of non-lit and backlit graphics offers endless options to put your brand in the spotlight.



There’s a difference in the way our SEG frames will look. The unique and flexible nature of our SEG Frames permits the freedom to get creative with your display’s form, shape or function. Hang your panels high, low or even at an angle, and create a masterpiece to reach your target audience. We provide several different ways to trade out existing display graphics for new ones; just snap them on, slide them off and replace them with your next advertising splash.

SEG frames can be used in both the retail and hospitality industry, as well as hospitals and medical offices, casinos, restaurants and hotels.

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